Research and design

Methodological steps

Organise the teaching activity as an individual search, by students, of innovative materials for clothing aimed at participating in a national competition.

Request as delivery the design of the garment most suited to the material used. Then ask the students for an in-depth study of the nature of the new materials studied and the technologies used in processing.

Finally, ask them to share their work with the whole class.

The study materials you can use are many: digital versions of textbooks sent or made available to students (you can also find a list of books repositories here), digital texts prepared by you with extensive use of images (you can find images repositories here), multimedia presentations prepared by you or by students (see here for presentations tools). 

Skills assessment

The evaluation method that you can use is that of a written test administered online, even if this method leaves some doubts on the reliability of the answers provided and therefore on the disciplinary skills developed.

The development of transversal skills, on the other hand, is guaranteed as a work organized in this way is useful for making students more responsible and more autonomous in learning.


Communicate with students using shared documents, using the electronic register or another official school web channel. 

In carrying out the activity, students can communicate with each other using the school email, shared documents, the electronic register or another official school web channel.