Speaking and digital competencies for advertising

Methodological steps

Design an activity about the advertisement of a product.

The aim is to make students learn the use of a short, captivating and striking type of communication by choosing the right words and phrases. 

Ask them to conceive the proper context for their product, and to place it on a media support that is captivating to the sight and experience of it by their classmates. You can choose with them one of these online tools for presentations.

Spend a fair amount of time (up to two hours, depending on the class) to explain them which search engines to use to find wallpapers, graphics and images. Show them web repositories for open educational resources, such as Creative Commons pictures and media (see also other online tools listed at the images page); you might also start by deepening the search options of Google Images and show your students how to use them. 

Ask students to produce images and media by themselves if they are not happy with what is available online; make sure they are aware of privacy regulations therefore to avoid, with minors, to show the face and to use image filtering programs if necessary. Show them some multimedia editors (you can find a list here); sometimes editors for interactive and multimedia presentations can be helpful as well ( you can find a list here).

Set up two moments for the evaluation: through assessment grids, after observing the work of the companions, ask them to self-evaluate their own; subsequently ask them to evaluate, using the same grids, the works of the companions.

Skills assessment

The activity can help develop disciplinary skills if it is included in a larger project, involving different subjects and based on several years; if not repeated, it might remain isolated.

The activity is helpful for developing transversal skills related to the digital, the personal, the citizenship and the entrepreneurial competencies, since students have to choose topics to present their own product, learn to respect the rules on copyright management, to consistently use open source images or to produce them by themselves in order not to violate the legislation, and thus to create a digital product.


For this activity, communicate with the students using the school email, shared documents and face to face during the video lessons. Students can communicate with each other using shared documents, face to face during video lessons and using Social Networks (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc).