13 - 14 jaar

Boeken gebruiken ter inspiratie in taalcursussen

Methodological steps Use digital tools to enrich the experience of learning notions and developing competencies related to reading. Assign a book to read individually and use online video lessons to check comprehension and to develop competencies. Make sure the book is available to every student: you can provide a backup copy in an easily readable …

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Gestructureerde presentaties voor aardrijkskundelessen

Methodological steps Meet with your students according to the time schedule of the class using Google Meet. Make sure to post materials on Google Classroom regularly; it is important to establish a routine for posting and giving feedbacks outside school time: this helps you and your students to organise the work and to dedicate the appropriate …

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Vreemde taal door middel van quizzen

Methodological steps Design an activity to teach the future simple to students of the 8th grade. In order to plan and design it at best, do a needs analysis in the form of a questionnaire, ask students to fill it, then prepare online lessons or activities following the results obtained from the questionnaire. This is …

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